Risk & Security Strategy & Management

INARMA helps organizations develop

risk management and cybersecurity strategies for their business, regulatory, and management environment.

We take into account the type of industry you are in and the general risks that your industry faces. In addition, we gain an understanding of the level of risk tolerance your management in relation to technology and business process controls. ​​​

We know the regulations your organization is subject to. We understand what regulators typically examine and know how to help make sure you meet their expectations. From HIPAA and the FFIEC, through GLBA and ISO17799, Inarma LLC professionals know how to evaluate and improve on controls in your technology environment.

Our approach is to develop a plan of reasonable, actionable steps to improve controls in the areas that have the most impact first. We can help you increase controls over systems, develop security awareness programs, implement auditing procedures, or improve general information security practices. The Inarma professionals who help guide your company have real-world experience in security. They make an impact right away.

We Offer Strategic Risk & Audit Services

Our experts have educated Boards, Executives, Managers, and Line Staff about the need for risk management and controls. We understand how to talk about cybersecurity and risk from a business management perspective, taking into account regulatory expectations.

We have helped build risk and control processes at the tactical level, and understand big picture enterprise management needs and bring our practical experience to Boards in support of their Risk Management / Cybersecurity initiatives.

We can help your team develop a risk management program by providing strategic direction and guidance, in addition to on-the-ground tactical support, during the entire process. Our professionals have developed risk & control frameworks at many organizations and can lend their expertise to your team as a strategic advisor.

We can develop a cybersecurity assessment / audit strategy, based on your regulatory requirements, adequacy of existing controls, and risk tolerance. Out typical approach is to review existing risk assessments and prior audit reports, interview management, and develop an audit plan. Once we validate the existence & adequacy of controls, we update the Audit Risk Assessment and Plan. Our professionals have managed IT and Internal Audit functions and know the constraints facing an organization when trying to balance regulatory requirements and management expectations.

We Assess and Build Controls

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